Benefits for Educators

The Value of VKRP

Through VKRP, educators gain access to classroom-level and individual student data in the domains of mathematics, self-regulation, and social skills. These reports are similar to the PALS literacy reports many schools and educators across Virginia already receive.

Teachers can use these reports to identify where to target instruction at the individual student and the classroom levels at the beginning of the year. These reports are linked directly to instructional resources that can be used in the classroom. School administrators have access to their own reports, which can be used to track assessment completion and see variability across students and classrooms.

Many teachers report being able to:

  • Get a more comprehensive picture of students' skills.
  • Better determine how to individualize instruction for specific students.
  • Communicate with parents about their child's progress.
I felt that this was beneficial to me personally as the teacher. It gave me a complete picture and better understanding of my students.

For Teachers VKRP Includes:

  • Training (online or in-person) on the VKRP online system, including how to administer the assessments, interpret reports, and use the instructional resources.
  • Completing the mathematics, self-regulation, and social skills assessments prior to completing the PALS assessment.
  • Access to classroom and student-level reports which include instructional resources for individualizing classroom instruction.