Benefits for Children and Families

The Value of VKRP Assessments

The VKRP assessments in mathematics, social skills, self-regulation and literacy give teachers a more comprehensive understanding of your child's strengths and areas for further growth. Readiness data is shared with teachers and schools to help individualize instruction for your child.

The information helps educators prepare children in their classroom for future school success. Your child's teacher may share this readiness data with you.

As a parent VKRP data assessments may be useful to:

  • Better understand your child's readiness and growth across the year in a variety of learning domains.
  • Know what skills you can support and work on with your child at home.
  • Collaborate with your child's teachers to identify appropriate home learning activities
Social-emotional areas can deeply affect student learning. Academic readiness is not the sole area of readiness in which to assess children.

Your Child's Participation in VKRP includes:

  • Completing an assessment administered by their teacher in the fall and spring of kindergarten.
  • An opportunity to receive more individualized instruction to support their further learning.

VKRP Family Resource Packet: